How do I pay?

It's easy!

When your parts arrive to us we will generate an invoice in our computer system and e-mail it to you. There will be a blue button you can click to make payment with a card! Invoices are usually sent the same business day that parts arrive. Make sure to send an order form with your parts!

Can you coat my (aluminum part)?

No, we cannot.

Aluminum is a softer metal and is not a suitable substrate for TiN coating. Tap your part with a magnet, if you don't get any attraction that part may be aluminum.

Can you coat a certain area of my part and leave the rest alone?

Negative, ghostrider.

With our process we have to coat the entire part unless you have a mechanical mask to cover a specific area.

Do you offer any services outside of your coatings?


Through our contacts in the industry we can be your one-stop-shop for almost any firearm customization project! Contact us for details.

Can you change the color of your coating?


The color of our coatings cannot be changed, if you want other colors you need to look into different coatings.